History of Dongsan Baptist Church

On January 1, 1979, Dongsan Baptist Church was planted by Pastor Lee Sung-seo. Dongsan Baptist Church was established with six families praying for the foundation of the church.

In September of 1982, the church became self-sustaining and in April of 1984, the current church building was purchased and the sanctuary was built.

Afterwards construction of the pastor’s house, educational building, then Mission Center were completed.

Dongsan Baptist church is a part of the Southern Baptist Convention.

In the past few decades, we have become a multi-ethnic church, a church from every nations to every nations.

We seek to be Jesus’ disciples to serve the community through the gospel with the love of Jesus Christ.

We strive to lift up Jesus, to love Jesus, and to glorify God. We emphasize the preparation and dispatch of the next generation of missionaries.

We want to be such a church that is pleasing to God.

Dongsan’s Mission:

Our mission is to nurture 550 disciples to be devoted to Jesus Christ.

Church’s Four Focuses:

  1. Salvation to the lost by boldly preaching the gospel and to genuinely and desperately worship God.
  2. The great miracles will overflow and people are healed from diseases and for God to be glorified.
  3. Trusting in God’s provisions so that all good works are fully completed.
  4. Building the next generation to be the Esther’s and Daniel’s for the kingdom of God.